Supplier Quality and Industrialization Engineer in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

Key Responsibilities:

1. Supplier Quality Management:

o Establish and maintain strong relationships with suppliers, serving as the primary point of contact for quality-related matters.

o Develop quality processes and quality systems to resolve and monitor quality issues.

o Define quality expectations, set performance metrics, and conduct regular supplier performance reviews.

o Collaborate with suppliers on resolving quality issues, conducting root cause analysis, and implementing corrective actions.

2. Quality Assurance and Compliance:

o Develop and implement quality control plans, inspection procedures, and quality assurance processes for incoming and outgoing materials.

o Monitor supplier compliance with industry standards, regulations, and certifications.

o Drive continuous improvement initiatives to enhance supplier quality and processes.

3. Supplier Development:

o Collaborate with suppliers on development initiatives to enhance their quality capabilities and performance.

o Provide guidance, support, and training to suppliers on quality management practices, process improvements, and problem-solving techniques.

4. Supplier Evaluation and Qualification:

o Qualify potential suppliers based on their capabilities, capacity to meet our requirements.

o Collaborate with the procurement team to select suppliers that align with our quality and operational standards

o Provide technical expertise and support to suppliers in process validation, production rampup, and issue resolution.

5. Process Optimization and Efficiency Improvement:

o Collaborate with suppliers to optimize manufacturing processes, enhance efficiency, and

reduce costs without compromising quality.

o Analyze production methods, identify bottlenecks, and implement process improvements in collaboration with suppliers.


1. Bachelor’s or masters degree in Engineering, Manufacturing, or Industrialization.

2. At least 5 years of experience in quality management, supplier management, manufacturing, and process engineering.

3. Strong knowledge of manufacturing processes and quality systems.

4. Experience in new product introduction (NPI) and process optimization.

5. Proficient in conducting supplier evaluations, audits, and performance reviews.

6. Knowledge of quality control methodologies, tools, and standards.

7. Excellent communication and collaboration skills.

8. Strong problem-solving and analytical abilities.

9. Ability to work effectively in a cross-functional and fast-paced environment.