Supplier Quality Engineer (Mechanical) in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

Location: Shenzhen/Dongguan/Huizhou


  • To complete SQM assigned quality problem solving task(s) and always bring results which exceed expectation. Present the quality problem solving progress and results to SQM on time.
  • Experienced in picking right tool/method in understanding, identifying the issue with proactive practice, solutions can address issue from system level.
    Can use any quality tools to support problem solving and data collection.
  • All assigned work done with high quality:
    1). Effectively OBA and no defects escaped to FATP
    2). Effective PCA (process audit), follow all issues via PCA finding report till closed. Also, can drive process/system improvement
    3). Also, problem is identified, and action plan is figured out for improvement.
    4). The result like Yield, Cpk are on positive trend with specific efforts.
    5). Other assignments like monitoring ORT, collecting tooling life etc. can also done effectively.
  • Active communication skill, initiate to work with others and coming with good coordination. Communicate with SQM and Suppliers effectively without understanding gap.
  • Quality problem can be solved before the deadline; Root cause found logically with clear data and evidence; Push supplier to do improvement for supplier audit findings and close these finding on time.
  • Reporting
  • 1). The work report is provided on time with accurate and complete information.
    2). Supplier audit reports with analyzed data and evidence clearly.
    3). Reports are always prepared and sent to SQM in advance or on time.
    4) Can use quality tools to do analysis and data collection.
  • Proactively to work with suppliers, take active actions to find risks for continuous improvement.


  • Has 5 years or more working experience on plastic molding products, cosmetic plastic products.
  • Has fundamental knowledge of tooling, molding, assembly of plastic product.
  • Has knowledge on defects judgement/identification for cosmetic products, fabric wrapping products, metal punching product etc.
  • Has 5 years above supplier management experience
  • Has experience on packaging of electronic products will be prioritized.