Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about us.

SCRG, the Supply Chain Resources Group, stands at the forefront of delivering strategic workforce solutions and specialized engineering talent to
empower your supply chain optimization.

SCRG Empowers Offshore Manufacturing Excellence with Exceptional Technical Talent, Quality Initiatives, Program and Supply Chain Management for Cost Reductions and Win-Win Client Solutions.

At a glance, our solutions include Audits, Country Assessment, Supplier Selection, Consulting, Employer of Record, Recruiting Services and our main services Talent Solutions.

Our expertise is in Electronic Manufacturing which cover various industries from consumer products, enterprise, medical, semiconductors, automotive and a lot more. Check out our Industries Served section for more information on our expertise.

SCRG is headquartered in the US with our off-shore offices world-wide in a major prime manufacturing destinations like China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico and Taiwan. We also provide our services covering remote location as required by our customers. Check out our Locations page for more information.

1. Customer Focused: We believe in putting our clients first and strive to understand their needs and provide customized offshore manufacturing solutions that exceed their expectations.
2. Excellence: We are committed to excellence in everything we do, and constantly seek to improve our processes and services to deliver exceptional results.
3. Innovation: We foster a culture of innovation, encouraging our employees to think creatively and find new ways to solve complex supply chain challenges.
4. Collaboration: We believe in working together to achieve common goals, and promote
collaboration and communication among our employees, customers, and partners.
5. Diversity: We are dedicated to and capitalize on the benefits of different thoughts,
backgrounds, experiences and interests.

At SCRG, our mission is to empower businesses to achieve operation excellence through our innovative supply chain solutions, delivering value through every stage of the supply chain and manufacturing process.

Our leaderships are highly experienced in electronic manufacturing industries and those experiences are utilized to coach our people, soft skills and technical skills, in which eventually adding value to the work we do for our customers.

On top of that, SCRG has local leaderships at each region to ensure all the details are covered, and to ensure we provide best service as fast as we can.

Our one-stop-service covers all stages of product development in the product life cycle from product design stage to country selection, supplier assessment, factory auditing and qualification, to providing on-site staffs to monitor remote activities performed by offshore manufacturer.

SCRG combines four key elements to successfully transition a new product from concept to market; from Product Development, to Time-to-market optimization, to Quality Assurance to Risk Mitigation.

Yes, we have our training program which ranges from enhancing your technical competency, improving your communications and language skill, to soft skill training. Depending on your job requirement, we also send out our employees to certify for industry standard. You will also be provided with job specific training by our clients as you are onboarded.

On top of that, to make sure our employees stay ahead of the game and up to the most current trend, our employees are welcome to visit technology exhibition, road show, as a part of self-development program.

Our benefits vary from region to region. We strive to provide competitive benefit package ensuring well-being of our employees. Check out with our regional contact for benefit of your region.