Scrg Audits

Factory Audits

Through comprehensive audits, SCRG uncovers and addresses operational inefficiencies, quality control gaps, supply chain disruptions, compliance challenges, and inventory management issues. Our actionable recommendations result in improved productivity, adherence to regulatory standards and enhanced operations.

Our team of experts combines English-speaking technical talent with a profound understanding of offshore markets, ensuring seamless communication and execution throughout the manufacturing process.

Enhance Your Manufacturing Potential with SCRG

  • Comprehensive audit offerings: Our experienced auditors conduct various types of audits to ensure quality and process control, including factory audits for supplier selection, quality system audits, and safety audits for ongoing operations.
  • Product Source Inspection: Ensure the quality of your products with qualified quality inspectors performing Product Source Inspections.
  • Unbiased professional insights: Our third-party auditors provide unbiased results and recommendations based on extensive experience in manufacturing environments.
  • Customized audit solutions: Tailor our audit services to meet your specific needs, enabling focused evaluations and detailed requirements alignment.

What is factory auditing?

Factory audits evaluate a manufacturing facility’s product quality, systems, working environment, production capacity and efficiency, adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements, and general ethical practices. 

Why is it important to audit a factory?

To ensure consistent product quality, to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the producut lifecycle, to ensure a safe working environment, and to ensure adherence to industry standards and regulations. 

What are the most important aspects of auditing a factory?

Quality control, production capacity, workforce and labor conditions, regulatory compliance, and social responsibility and ethical practices.

How do I know a factory is reliable and dependable?

Conducting an on-site audit and generated a score report will provide guidance as to whether or not the factory is suitable for your needs. 

How does SCRG help with factory auditing?

We offer on-site factory auditing by experienced personnel and provide the full audit report upon completion. We can audit multiple sites across several countries including China, Vietnam, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Mexico, and more. 

How do I choose a factory overseas?

It is best to partner with an experienced 3rd party audit provider to conduct a thorough on-site audit of the factory facility and create an audit report.

How do I manage an overseas factory?

Managing a overseas factory remotely is very challenging and expensive. By partnering with a company like SCRG, you can deploy experienced supply chain engineers to be your eyes and ears on the ground managing every aspect of your production.