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Talent on Demand

What is Talent on Demand?

Talent on Demand is a more flexible and cost-effective staffing option compared traditional direct hiring or engaging with an EOR or PEO firm. 

SCRG’s Talent on Demand is a variable cost, staff augmentation model that allows you to deploy engineering talent where and when you need them, and to ramp up or ramp down your engineering staff as needed.

The engineering and supply chain personnel become an extension of your team and your eyes and ears at the manufacturing site to ensure product quality, supply chain optimization, and risk mitigation. 

What types of roles do you recruit and hire for?

We deploy engineering talent for all stages of the product lifecycle, and for startup companies and established blue chip companies alike. Be it early-stage supplier selection and auditing project, mid-stage manufacturing and new product introduction (NPI), or later stage mass production and sustaining activities, SCRG can find the talent you need to ensure product success.

A few of our most common resource requests include Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE), Supply Chain Manager (SCM), Project Manager (PM), Supplier Development Engineer (SDE), Tooling Engineer (TE), Quality Engineer (QE), Sustaining Technical Manager (STM), Operation Program Manager (OPM), Manufacturing Process Engineer (MPE), Test Engineer, and Senior Quality Engineer.”

How does Talent On Demand reduce my risk?

With Talent on Demand, all of the risk associated with hiring engineering staff overseas based on local labor laws, including payroll, benefits, taxes, compliance, severance, etc. is the responsibility of SCRG.

How quickly can you recruit and hire engineers?

Depending on the project and the experience level and technical requirements for the role(s), we can identify, screen, interview, and deploy resources as quickly as a few days to as long as 8-10 weeks. 

What are the benefits of outsourcing/augmenting my engineering workforce?

Variable Economics, Flexibility, Reduced Risk, eyes and ears on the ground

How many engineers can SCRG deploy overseas?

We can deploy as few as 1 to as many as needed for the project.

What is the average experience level of the engineering candidates?

13 years is the average experience level of our engineering candidates. 

SCRG deploys world-class engineering and operations talent to help our customers:

  • Maximize efficiencies and streamline operations
  • Conserve cash with a variable cost model
  • Retain top talent; increase speed to productivity
  • Remain flexible, scalable, and global
  • Fully leverage offshore manufacturing
  • Overcome complex supply chain and manufacturing challenges

Precise and Actionable Recommendations for Supply Chain Optimization

At SCRG, we deliver precise and actionable recommendations, enabling our customers to optimize their operations, mitigate risks, and drive continuous improvement within their offshore supply chains.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business Success

We excel in addressing the intricate challenges of contract manufacturing. Our deep understanding of global offshore supplier selection, contract manufacturing, international vendor management, quality control, and local market dynamics equip us to optimize every aspect of your manufacturing process.

Delivering Actionable Insights for Efficiency and Profitability

We take the time to understand your unique requirements, goals, and challenges. This understanding enables us to deliver actionable insights that drive efficiency and profitability. Our holistic, 360-degree process ensures that your strategic sourcing, supplier optimization, and material selection are fully optimized.

Bridging the Gap with SCRG’s English-Speaking Technical Experts and Extensive Offshore Market Knowledge

Partner with SCRG to confidently navigate the complexities of offshore manufacturing. We help you mitigate risks and leverage the advantages it offers. From cost savings to improved product quality, we are dedicated to helping your business unlock the full potential of offshore markets and achieve enhanced supply chain performance.