Pre-Eminent SCaaS Market Leader

SCRG Announces Goal of Becoming the Pre-Eminent SCaaS Market Leader As IoT takes hold in 2023 and offshore manufacturing becomes even more important to large OEM’s and Brand Owners.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. and DALLAS, Texas. December 19, 2022 (PR NEWSWIRE) – Supply Chain Resource Group (SCRG), a global leader in supply chain as a service (SCaaS), today announced it has been acquired by a middle market Private Equity firm.  The acquisition of this exceptional team of engineers and accredited managed services experts will provide SCRG with access to new talent and capital, accelerating its goal of becoming the preeminent market leader in SCaaS. 

“SCRG has been on an incredible growth trajectory over the past few years as our customers have continued to turn to us for critical offshore operations support.  We grew 55% since 2020 by helping our clients successfully manage their global supply chain and the associated operational complexities”, said SCRG’s CFO and COO, Xander Kameny.   

Established in 2008, SCRG provides global SCaaS to some of the world’s largest tech companies, helping them improve their supply chain and manufacturing performance, optimize their operations, maximize the value of their outsourced manufacturing relationships globally and introduce new products in a timely manner. With teams on the ground in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Mexico, SCRG’s highly technical manufacturing, supply chain, and operations professionals bring hardware OEMs and brand-owning companies the best chance of manufacturing success.  

“We started out as a “secret-weapon” for start-ups who had a big idea, but not necessarily the infrastructure to execute it” said Julian Searle, SCRG’s CCO.  “For the past 14 years, SCRG has helped our clients increase their time to value by finding the right suppliers, negotiating favorable terms, setting up reliable offshore manufacturing, and most importantly managing the day-to-day quality control and operations without the need to build their own manufacturing teams overseas”. 

SCRG built on its early start-up success by expanding to serve some of the most notable OEMs in the world today.  In addition to their strong OEM client based, SCRG sees SCaaS opportunities in other industries producing highly complex technology driven products, including automotive manufacturers and manufacturers of medical instruments.  “Our consulting team has boots on the ground and proven methodologies that quickly help our clients get “eyes on” their offshore manufacturing operations, creating a heat map for improvement and cost savings.”, said Julian Searle.  “Whether it’s starting up a new product line, switching suppliers, or providing the best SCaaS talent-on-demand, we know quality and schedule issues have had large impacts on brand owners and OEM.  We see this area increasing in importance in the coming decade and are excited about the future”. 

Operating Partner and Board Member, John Broderick shared, “SCRG has a strong foundation in offering global supply chain staffing and services and has a history of exceptional growth that stands out from other providers in the space. Operating in the high demand supply chain as a service (SCaaS) market, we believe SCRG is poised to continue its rapid growth. We are eager to leverage our Value Creation Playbook and work with Julian, Xander and the entire SCRG team to expand market reach and deliver these valuable services to new markets.”