Supply Chain Resources Group (SCRG) Expands Its Reach into India

ALLEN, Texas , July 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Supply Chain Resources Group, a leading global provider of world class engineering and operations personnel through its Talent On Demand services is thrilled to announce its expansion into Chennai, India.

“We are excited to be enabling our customers’ growing supply chain diversification in India,” said Xander Kameny, CFO/COO at Supply Chain Resources Group.

With a reputation for delivering exceptional value and performance since 2008, SCRG has consistently empowered businesses worldwide to optimize their manufacturing operations and supply chains. With strategic office locations in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico, the United States, the new operations in Chennai, India will provide a significant boost to SCRG’s global network, facilitating closer collaboration with regional partners and clients.

“The expansion of our operations in India marks a significant milestone for Supply Chain Resource Group,” said John Broderick, interim CEO and Board Director at SCRG. “With the opening of our new office, we are excited to tap into the immense potential of the Indian market and leverage the country’s skilled workforce. This strategic move will not only strengthen our global presence but also enable us to better serve our clients and partners in the region. We look forward to building strong relationships with local businesses and contributing to the growth and development of India’s supply chain industry.”

SCRG’s expansion into India reflects its commitment to delivering world-class supply chain solutions and its vision of fostering global connectivity. By establishing a robust presence in India, SCRG aims to set new standards in the industry, driving success for OEMs and brand owners worldwide.

About Supply Chain Resources Group:

Supply Chain Resources Group (SCRG) provides Strategic Workforce Solutions to some of the world’s biggest brands and OEMs, bringing highly skilled engineering talent to solve complex offshore manufacturing challenges. Through SCRG’s vendor managed services, OEMs and brand-owning companies reduce risk, increase speed to market, optimize quality, and reduce costs for their high technology products. SCRG offers services in hardware engineering talent, recruitment and deployment, supplier selection, factory audits, and other hardware manufacturing consulting services.