Strategic Workforce Solutions

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Effortlessly Expand Your Team and Amplify Success

SCRG excels in delivering diverse projects encompassing ongoing management, quality analysis, design optimization, logistics, cost reduction, and supply chain diversification.

Examples of Typical Projects Undertaken by SCRG

Ongoing Management

SCRG provides comprehensive ongoing management services to ensure smooth operations and continuous improvement in manufacturing and supply chain processes.

FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)

SCRG offers expertise in conducting FMEA to identify and mitigate potential failure modes, enhancing product reliability and quality.

DfX (Design for Excellence)

SCRG assists in implementing DfX principles, such as Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Design for Assembly (DFA), and Design for Cost (DFC), optimizing product design for improved manufacturability and cost-effectiveness.

Logistics Optimization

SCRG specializes in optimizing logistics operations, streamlining transportation, warehousing, and distribution for improved efficiency and cost savings.

Cost Reduction Strategies

SCRG helps customers identify and implement cost reduction strategies across the supply chain, enabling significant savings and improved profitability.

China +1 / +2 Strategy

SCRG supports the China +1 / +2 strategy, assisting customers in diversifying their manufacturing and supply chain footprint beyond China to mitigate risks and enhance flexibility.