Delivering Precise Insights and Actionable Recommendations for Supply Chain Optimization

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Identifying Performance Drivers through Comprehensive Audits

Through comprehensive audits, SCRG uncovers and addresses operational inefficiencies, quality control gaps, supply chain disruptions, compliance challenges, and inventory management issues. Our actionable recommendations result in improved productivity, adherence to regulatory standards and enhanced operations.

Our team of experts combines English-speaking technical talent with a profound understanding of offshore markets, ensuring seamless communication and execution throughout the manufacturing process.

Enhance Your Manufacturing Potential with SCRG

SCRG's Distinctive Approach for Enhanced Auditing Efficiency and Professionalism

Trustworthy Auditors with Practical Manufacturing Experience

Our auditors possess practical manufacturing environment expertise, ensuring a comprehensive assessment for your operations.

Streamlined Communication and Confidentiality Assurance

Co-designed audit checklist: Our proprietary checklist can be modified to meet specific requirements.
Streamlined communication: We take the lead in organizing factory audits, saving you time and effort.
Confidentiality assurance: All assessments are conducted under strict customer confidentiality requirements.

Effective Communication and Comprehensive Reports

We maintain regular and efficient communication, along with well-organized document formats, for seamless collaboration. Daily read-out meetings with suppliers ensure effective information exchange. A comprehensive audit report is provided, outlining findings, severity, supporting evidence, and actionable recommendations.

Types of Assessments Provided by SCRG

Optimize Operations with Comprehensive Audit Solutions

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Factory Audit

Assess supplier capability and compliance across quality control, supply chain management, resource availability, shop floor control systems, and safety.

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Quality System Audit

Evaluate existing quality management programs and practices for compliance with company policies, contractual commitments, and regulatory requirements.

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Safety Audit

Identify hazards and provide recommendations to enhance employee safety.

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Compliance Audit

Ensure suppliers meet required business standards to maintain compliance with evolving regulations and industry best practices.

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Product Source Inspection

Verify product conformity before shipment to ensure they meet customer specifications.

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Customized Audits

Tailor audits to specific customer needs, addressing unique business requirements such as IT systems, data retention policies, traceability, and confidentiality protection.

Optimize Your Operations with SCRG's Comprehensive Audit Solutions Benefit from our expertise and thorough assessments to enhance compliance, product quality, and overall operational efficiency. Drive continuous improvement in your supply chain with SCRG's comprehensive range of audit solutions.