Sample Positions

SCRG: Your Partner for Optimized Workforce Management

With SCRG, you can access a broad spectrum of positions designed to meet your unique needs. Our pool of resources is composed of English-speaking professionals with an average of over 13 years of experience, perfectly aligned with your job requirements. This enables you to build a high-performing team that is competent and capable of driving your business success.

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Manufacturing Engineer

Manage end-to-end manufacturing process from technical standpoint. Monitor all all technical aspects - quality assurance, capacity planning, project management, output delivery.

Material Program Manager

Ensure material readiness for production. Drive for faster lead time, manage E&O, source alternate material, supplier prime contact.

Other Support

Admin, HR, any roles as required to fulfill business needs. 

Process Engineer

From Front end (SMT) PE to Back end (mechanical) PE, ensuring good control of processes, capacity analysis, root cause analysis, product quality, resource planning etc.

Product Quality Engineer

Manage overall product quality, ensure quality metrics are met. Monitor ongoing production, buy-off qualification, root cause analysis, problem solving, dispose non-conforming.

Program Manager

Oversee an entire program to ensure on-time delivery from material driving to operation coordination. Identify the risk, lead the time for problem solving.

Supplier Quality Engineer

Manage supplier quality (various component commodities, PCBA, system level products). Monitor supplier quality performance, visit manufacturing facilities, audit.

Software Engineer

Software development, software testing, software deployment.

Sourcing Manager

Sourcing components, alternate vendors, second source, negotiate pricing, coordinate new material qualification. 

Test & Reliability Engineer

Responsible for all product testing tasks. Tester setup, test program development, product testing design, failure trouble-shooting, root cause analysis.

Tooling Engineer

Responsible for tooling design, fixture design, fixture fabrication and qualification to support manufacturing and assembly.